In addition to its main seasonal collection, Pierre Hardy unveils his very first edition of the ‘Atelier’ collection during the Spring-Summer 2017 Fashion Week. This condensed collection ­–with no more than 11 models – demonstrates a desire for experimentation and extreme creativity. Manufactured entirely in Italy, the ‘Atelier’ models are the fruit of craftsmanship and avant garde. Like a “laboratory” for new ideas, this collection provides a creative and technical journey where architecture meets design.

Inspired by the history of Italian design, this collection refers to the Studio Alchimia which contributed to the emergence of the Memphis group. True to the unleashed vision of object conception, a playful and undisciplined air surrounds these pieces. They oscillate between graphic abstraction and colorful excesses.

To celebrate this launch, Pierre Hardy decided to collaborate with the founders of a leading edge Spanish design magazine, Apartamento. The Artistic Directors Omar Sosa and Marco Verlardi and the photographer Nacho Alegre imagined a series of images recreating the models in their reference frame. The shoes are staged around objects and shapes on which the models used for designing and manufacturing the models. The background work of raw materials gives an almost explosive quality to the highly sophisticated models – creating a visual dialogue between container and content, subject and object, inspiration and results.