Femmes Fatales images playing in a loop : Marylin Monroe in a stage costume, as a saloon singer with a leather jacket on her shoulders in “Bus Stop“, Laura Dern in a micro sexy dress, on the run in “Sailor and Lula“, Uma Thurman, wearing a Stetson on every shot of “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.“ A constant feature in those films, the heroines always mixing their ultra feminine look with masculine pieces.

Pierre Hardy feeds on these American Wild West cinematographic clichés to define an Autumn Winter collection full of contrasts. Men and women hybrid shoes, dressed models with technical and sporty elements, couture materials and rough leathers. The santiag becomes an evening shoe and the sandals transmutes into boots. Faithful to his graphical approach, the Parisian designer plays on quirky stylistic effects. The collection is available for example in stretch brocade, in pink and grey or in black and silver, with touches of lurex and printed leopard pony.

With fantasy and liberty, these models reflect a new way of living, a more fun and relaxed way to dress.