The project WALK WITH PIERRE HARDY allowed the students to question the relationship between photography and footwear, and by extension to confront the interconnection between photography and fashion. Milo Keller, Head of Photography at ECAL, observes that “Students, working without any business constraints in that case, are less formatted than a professional and therefore often offer unexpected approaches”. The results are indeed surprising and offbeat, sometimes even provocative or poetic, but always treat the original creations with respect.

Photographer Philippe Jarrigeon comments on the method he chose to conduct this workshop at ECAL: “Together with Pierre Hardy’s team we selected fifteen pairs of shoes in the archives – a purely practical decision which allowed us to keep the models as long as we wanted at ECAL. In addition, this allowed students to free themselves from seasonal trends. At the beginning of the workshop in October 2015, each student got a model on which to work by drawing lots”.