Pierre Hardy presents for the second time his “Atelier” line. This last part of the Winter collection, presented during the Parisian Fashion Week, reveals his most sophisticated and experimental styles. This condensed collection articulated around two strong and complementary themes shows the essence of this creative and technical laboratory.

Pierre Hardy pays tribute to ‘Blade Runner’ through models inspired by the feminine characters of Ridley Scott’s film: Rachel and Pris. These two Replicantes, perfect human woman robotic androids, create their own distinct aesthetics in the collection: Lunar and Machina. The first, in the image of Rachel, shows off a glamorous vibe punctuated by an Asian touch; the other closer to the character of Pris is a chic robotic and androgynous style.

For the occasion, Pierre Hardy held a cocktail party to celebrate the REPLICANTE WINTER 2017 ATELIER PRESENTATION on the second of March 2017. Were present : Alexandra Golovanoff, Alexandre Mattiussi, Andy Gillet, Joana Preiss, Chitose Abe, Hideyoshi Nakata, James Seaford, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Julien Dossena, Laura Brown, Laure Herald Dubreuil, Liya Kebede, Olivier Gabet, Fabien Baron, Marie-Sophie Carron Carrière, Nicolas Ghesquiere …