Optical saga imagined by Pierre Hardy and Hervé Domar, his eyewear-jewellery partner in crime who’s been designing sunglasses for more than a decade : welcome to episode 2.

Five new models. A new family. And the same spirit in which the designer’s creativity, his sharp sense of dynamic curves and his taste for readapted references meets the artisanal French Jura know-how once again.

A sixties design and double layer cellulose acetate, Americana inspiration and retro- futurist treatments, car racing tributes, this solar and optical glasses collection cultivates style and singularity. The looks combine with a smear of humour and Memphis references, colours clash and reference frames are reinvented. Super hero or Hanna-Barbera cartoon stars, these new models state every allure, from dusk till dawn.

Evoking the Swann, Truman Capote’s gracious bird friends, and the red carpet stars, Pat plays with the mythical butterfly shape and associates it to chromatic blends of pale pink on slick caramel, light blue on black onyx, ivory on light tortoise, ... A neo fantomette parachuted to Hollywood, her younger sister, Lexi, shaped like a wasp stirs the art of flash seduction, while the fancy-nerdy Chris winks at the writer Henry Miller. Crazy redesigned pilot sunglasses, Sam speeds of the highway of style, whereas, Casey infuses a voluptuous roundness to its traditional rectangular structure. Colour wise, the time is for chromatic collisions as seen in a photo of Slim Aarons : of different shades of tortoiseshell, mauve on navy blue, British racing green plated on a black ink, simply marked with the perspective cube, Pierre Hardy’s signature pattern, fused into the branches. A new detail reminding us of the iconic glasses worn by the Dolce Vita stars, you choose the role you want to endorse.

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