Winter Sunshine

 From Place Saint Sulpice to the peaks of Saint Moritz, Pierre Hardy X Hervé Domar sunglasses take the chill out of winter. This third collaborative collection features five styles co-designed by the shoe designer and the eyewear / fragrance maker.  

With their striking lines and unique colour combos, these accessories audaciously display their bipolar side, revealing while concealing. Masking by also making an impression. See and be seen: such is the frame of mind behind this range of accessories made in the birthplace of French eyewear industry, the only ones able to scoop out the multiple layers of acetate that give each model its unique aspect.

 With its strong angles, VIBE draws from the eponymous trainers for its geometric designs, where colours and textures collide with black, red, tortoiseshell and off-white. Straight from a Palm Springs villa – or an episode of Wacky Races – AVA has the luscious sensuality of a film star. The generous volume of the upper frame contrasts with the horned-rimmed and tortoiseshell details. Like a bold underline, MEG has a fearless spirit, a characteristic shared with STEVE, with a classic frame enhanced with two lines of dynamic colours. BILLIE plays with curves to wrap the face and highlight the forehead like Noh theatre-inspired make-up-meets-1980s colour palette.

 Akin to sculptures or paintings, designed down to the very last detail and meticulously crafted as if for a gallery, these five eyewear models are as much fashion statement as they are practical when fitted with prescription lenses. Each is engraved with the Pierre Hardy cube signature on the left temple.