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The PIERRE HARDY men's boot

Shoes full of character, men's boots are a centerpiece of the men's wardrobe. From men's desert boots to rangers, including brown men's boots, PIERRE HARDY reinvents this timeless classic.

Flattering. Design. A bit rebellious. The PIERRE HARDY men's boot gives style, instantly, intensely. Minimalism. Noble materials. Sharp cuts, thought and drawn with passion. Get lost in the streets of a capital. Confront the urban jungle. Venture into remote areas. The men's boots are for all trips, all adventures, all occasions.

In tone-on-tone, the brown PARK AVENUE men's boots give the masculine silhouette vigor and modernity. Of impeccable quality, these men's boots in smooth calfskin mix modernity and classicism, with dynamism and roundness.

Among the iconic models of PIERRE HARDY, discover the rock lines of the 400N men's leather boots. Jimi Hendrix. Mick Jagger. There is no doubt that this shaping men's boot with a lively cut edge advances step by step with incomparable rock energy. Sixties and seventies. Urban cowboy. Electrifying atmosphere. Explore the macadams, here and elsewhere, daringly dressed in a pair of BOB men's Chelsea boots. In the spirit of Mods, these men's suede boots punctuate the most rebellious silhouettes with elegance.

Monochrome. Uncluttered. Noble. The PARADE men's leather boots, and its signature cube sole, blend elegance and relaxation, rebellious attitude and sleek allure, nonchalance and sophistication. Go on an expedition, cross the city, comfortably installed in a pair of men's boots. Resolutely masculine, absolutely dandy, live the luxury experience, one PIERRE HARDY men's leather boots at a time.


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