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The PIERRE HARDY tote bag

Disconcertingly practical, tote bags meet all requirements for versatility. In the city, at the office or in happy hour, PIERRE HARDY tote bags are a must have. Find a designer tote bag and wear it boldly, whatever your style.

Ideal allies whatever the occasion, tote bags are timeless. Games of proportions, colors, shapes and materials. Leather tote bags, coated canvas tote bags. Carry a tote bag over your shoulder. Crazy elegance. Of a certain charm. With a confident step.

With your fingertips, PIERRE HARDY tote bags follow you everywhere. Irresistible. Indispensable. Captivating. Discover the TWIN tote bags. Minimalist, this fashion accessory highlights the precision of the details of Maison PIERRE HARDY. In calfskin, its double leather braid and its sliding leather drawstring add an extra touch of style and sophistication.

Iconic. Graphic. Invite graphic arts into your locker room. Between the mosaic floors of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice and the minimal art of Sol Lewitt, discover the PIERRE HARDY tote bags. A tote bag? Yes. An architectural gem? Undoubtedly. Adopt a CUBE PERSPECTIVE tote bag. Signature motif of Maison PIERRE HARDY, this archetypal trompe l'oeil is a standard in the history of graphic arts. Let yourself be seduced by the “CUBE PERSPECTIVE” coated canvas tote bags, emblematic, striking and decidedly sculptural pieces.

Immerse yourself in the world of tote bags and geometric shapes, a MINI SLIM tote on the shoulder. In all circumstances, its minimalist design is equally suitable for a day of work, an evening in the city or a weekend to conquer the metropolises. Whatever the format, the tote bags sublimate, underline and make your silhouette stand out.


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