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The PIERRE HARDY luxury pump

Insolent. Hypnotizing. Elegant. PIERRE HARDY luxury pumps are available in incendiary red, immaculate white, solar yellow or even black, deep, seductive and frank. Perch, sometimes on a stiletto heel, sometimes on a square heel, discover the exception.

Slender, you wander proudly perched on your shoes for women, in black, white or silver. The door is open to all fantasies. On his road to prospective work around shoes, PIERRE HARDY meets the pump. Together, they reinvent femininity, pure, powerful, captivating.

On the way, on the red carpets or on the pavement, let yourself be seduced by the 60s glee of the GALA black women's pump. A pencil line. Impeccable. Its heel tucked under the foot reinforces its rebellious side. Your rebellious side. Fancy a red pump? A white pump or a yellow pump? Available in a luxury pump and slingback version, discover the unique seat of the GALA model in monochrome. A color for every desire.

For 20 years, PIERRE HARDY has been enhancing the feminine silhouette, one shoe at a time. If femininity had a name, it would be called BLADE. Iconic black pump from PIERRE HARDY, this object of lust with perfect geometry divinely highlights the hyper-feminine curves of the foot.

Black slingback pump. Pump with square heel. Luxury pump. He ticks all the boxes, while keeping the unique character of the PIERRE HARDY House. A luxury pump? Yes. An architectural gem? Too.


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