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    For the time being, thePierreHardy.com/shop/fr website is not able to ship to the French overseas departments.
  • Your order's delivery address must match the country of the website from which you have placed it. Orders placed from the website of a country that is different from that of the delivery address will be automatically cancelled.
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To place an order, you must first create a « Customer Account » by entering your email address and a password . Your user ID and password are confidential and should never be disclosed to third parties.
Then you must fill in the required informations : title, name, surname, delivery address, postal code, country and telephone number.
The website will prompt you to verify that you have well informed your country of residence where your order will be delivered as well as the accuracy of your contact details.
The ordering process is as follows :
  • Choose the items and add them to your cart.
  • To validate your cart, you will need to identify yourself (if you have not already done so) or create your « Customer Account ».
  • In the cart, you can see the details of your order and its total price, make any changes that you want before validating it and continue shopping.
  • ou must then choose the delivery and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale : The first name and surname on the credit card used for payment must match those specified in your billing address .
  • You will receive an e-mail from the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website confirming your order.
  • You can follow-up, at any time, the status of your order by viewing « My Account ».
  • Once the order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail from the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website giving you the Tracking Number of your package (Colissimo).

Payment will be proceeded by PAYPAL if you have a PAYPAL account or via the PAYPAL payment solution with your credit card (AMEX, CB, VISA, MASTERCARD), and only in euros.
The first name and surname on the credit card used for payment must match those specified in your billing address.
Payment details are not stored byPierreHardy.com/shop/fr. The PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website could be required to perform a test aimed at protecting itself from abusive practices by fraudsters.
In this case, it is possible that the PierreHardy.com/shop/frwebsite will ask you by e-mail to send a copy of a piece of identification and proof of address for the delivery address on your order.  

You can indicate that your order is a gift. The price will be removed from the package and your personal message, if there is one, will be slipped into an envelope.
  • If a gift has been given to you through an order on the PierreHardy.com/shop/fret website and you want to exchange the(se) item(s), you have a period of 15 days following the date of receipt to request an exchange on presentation of the delivery slip.
  • To do so, simply contact our Service Client via e-mail (estore@pierrehardy.com)
  • If you do not wish to exchange it for another item, you must inform the person who gave you the gift.
  • This person must contact our Service Client by e-mail (estore@pierrehardy.com) o request a refund for the order. The refund will be made when the items have been physically returned.
  • For the time being, the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website does not issue online gift vouchers.

To recover your password, just click on « Forgot your password?» ici   

If, after paying for your order, you want to change or cancel it, you must contact our Service Client via e-mail (estore@pierrehardy.com) or by phone at + 33 1 42 60 59 75.
If the initial order has already been shipped, you can only be refunded for it once it has been returned to us at the following address :
PIERRE HARDY - 156 Galerie de Valois - Jardins du Palais Royal - 75001 Paris - France (see the "RETURNS" section below).  

Each time the status of your order changes ("Under Preparation", "Shipped / Out for Delivery", etc. ), you will receive an e-mail from the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website.
In addition, you can, at any time :
  • view the status of your order by visiting « My Account »
  • print your invoice.

    You have a cooling off period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the ordered item(s) to return it/them for an automatic refund (shipping included).
    Steps to follow for returning items:
    • Log In and go to "My Account"
    • Click on "My orders"
    • See the details of the relevant order by clicking on "Show"
    • Check the box(es) corresponding to the item(s) you would like to send back and precise the reason for your return in the field provided for that purpose, then validate your request.

    You will then be notified by e-mail that your return is allowed. 
You can send the item(s) to this address:
    PIERRE HARDY - 156 Galerie de Valois - Jardins du Palais Royal - 75001 Paris - France
    Once the PIERRE HARDY team has received and verified the condition of the item(s) returned, the reimbursment will be made within 10 days (including delivery fee).
    Please note this processing time can vary, depending on your bank.

    Should you need further information please contact us :Service Client (estore@pierrehardy.com)
    In order to improve the quality of our customer service, we thank you in advance for telling us the reason for your return.
    The PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website does not provide a return service ; the method of return is at your initiative, your convenience and your expense.
    The items must be carefully packed before being returned.
    Returns will only be accepted if the item(s) is returned in perfect condition with their original packing, in their dust bags.
    The items have to show no sign of having been used and sended with any accessories they came with.
    Damaged or worn items cannot be returned or refunded.
    The PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website invites its customers to take care of the merchandise and to try it on as they would have done if they were in a store, on a smooth surface (carpet, rug, etc.) that does not scratch the soles.
    If your order is made up of several items, the return must be sent in one package.

    ThePierreHardy.com/shop/fr s'engage website is committed to doing everything possible to reimburse you within 10 days of receipt of the returned item.
    However, this processing time is not contractual because it can vary depending on your bank.
    The refund is subject to receipt of the initial order.
    You will receive a refund e-mail confirmation from the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website.
    At any time, you can check the status of your refund in your Customer Account ("Pending refund" or "Refunded").
    The PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website does not make any cash refunds.
    No purchase in the PIERRE HARDY stores or to one of its retailers in France and in the world will be the object of an exchange or a refund withPierreHardy.com/shop/fr website.  

    You have a cooling off period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the ordered items to request an exchange for your item(s) and be automatically refunded, shipping included.
    You can exchange your items :
    • For one or more strictly identical item(s) (e.g.: A problem of size). In this case, the items must be returned under the same conditions as for "RETURNS" (see the "RETURNS" section).
      Another item will be sent to you in exchange and this exchange will not be reimbursed.
    • For one or several different item(s): after receiving the items that you have returned to us, you will be fully refunded and you must place a new order.
      No purchase in PIERRE HARDY shops or at one of its resellers in France and around the world will be accepted for an exchange or refund by the PierreHardy.com/shop/fr website.

    In the event of an exception regarding your order, that is to say, in the event of items that are not compliant with those that you ordered (error in the style, colour, size, etc.) or that are defective, you must,
    within 3 days from the date of receipt, send a complaint by e-mail to our Service Client (estore@pierrehardy.com).
    Any claims made beyond these 3 days will not be accepted.
    The absence of a claim and lack of reservations on your part means that the item delivered is deemed satisfactory and cannot be subject to any subsequent dispute.  

    In the event of a delivery exception (abnormal delivery time, parcel missing, parcel opened, damaged boxes, etc.), you must immediately note any possible damage to the packaging and/or items as well as the non-compliance by expressing
    a reservation in writing on the COLISSIMO proof of delivery slip that will be delivered with the package.

    The items sold onPierreHardy.com/shop/fr are offered within the limit of stock that is available at the time the order is placed.
    The products presented on PierreHardy.com/shop/fr are representative of the PIERRE HARDY collection.
    However, not all PIERRE HARDY products appear on the website.

    > PRICES
    The prices indicated are inclusive of taxes (VAT) in France and the European Union.
    PierreHardy.com/shop/frwill not reimburse VAT applied to purchases made when the customer plans to resend the items to a country outside the European Union or when the customer is a non-EU resident.  

    Women Shoes
    PIERRE HARDY French Size correspondences in IK Size
    36 2
    36.5 2.5
    37 3
    37.5 3.5
    38 4
    38.5 4.5
    39 5
    39.5 5.5
    40 6
    40.5 6.5
    41 7
    Men Shoes
    PIERRE HARDY French Size correspondences in UK Size
    39 5
    39.5 5.5
    40 6
    40.5 6.5
    41 7
    41.5 7.5
    42 8
    42.5 8.5
    43 9
    43.5 9.5
    44 10
    44.5 10.5
    45 11
    45.5 11.5
    46 12
    46.5 12.5
    47 13
    47.5 13.5
    48 14
    48.5 14.5
    49 15


    The greatest care has been taken selecting the materials necessary for the PIERRE HARDY branded items.
    In general, natural leathers are sensitive to humidity and heat sources. Prolonged exposure to light may result in fading the shades.
    Store your purchases in their protective dust-bag when not in use.
    It is also recommended to avoid repeated friction and contact with light colors.
    To preserve their authenticity some naturally tanned leathers have not been treated.
    Marks, grooves and other irregularities are inherent to the nature of these skins and form an integral part of the product’s esthetic qualities. They should not be considered as a default.
    Snakeskin is a natural material with specific irregularities. Asymmetrical differences and variation of the scales form part of the authentic aspect.  

    We recommend to waterproof your items in suede before using them for the first time. Leather is a living material and does not require a daily maintenance.
    You can clean your leather products using a soft, damp, or lint free soft cotton cloth. Re-waterproofing is necessary from time to time ; especially after the rain, when the product dried away from any source of heat.
    Suede and nubuck can be cleaned with a dry brush.  

    • The PierreHardy.com/shop/frwebsite does not provide an online repair service.
    • However, you can go to our Parisian store for a repair estimate :
      PIERRE HARDY - 156 Galerie de Valois – Jardins du Palais Royal – 75001 Paris. France.
      Tel : 01 42 60 59 75.
      The boutique is opened from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

      We invite you to call the store during the month of August to check the opened days.
    • Should you be willing to have your item sent back in your country of residence, please note the COLISSIMO shipping fee will be to your charge.
    • Any change of heal tips, resoling and stretching can not be considered as repairs but as maintenance to entrust to a shoe repairer.