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The PIERRE HARDY women's sneaker

Did you say essential? The Pierre Hardy sneaker reinvents the urban style, season after season. Timeless. Luxurious. Essential. The high-end sneakers from Pierre Hardy sometimes adopt a futuristic style, sometimes a minimalist style, without compromising on quality. Brave the prohibitions, tread the asphalt, explore the world, erected on a Pierre Hardy women's sneaker.

On the macadams here and elsewhere, it attracts the eye, stirs up greed. Hypnotizing, explosive, the Pierre Hardy women's sneaker is inspired by graphic codes, giving character to the most classic silhouettes. Standing the test of time, and of inclement weather, the Pierre Hardy women's sneaker is worn in the present, dictates the future. Prestigious materials, daring colors, impactful inserts, the luxury sneakers signed by Pierre Hardy are at the forefront.

Mounted on a "COMÈTE" sole, the TREK COMET women's sneaker braves the asphalt, elegantly, brazenly. A staple of the Pierre Hardy house, this rubber sole with three perspective cubes is also found on the iconic STREET LIFE women's sneaker model.

Among the most iconic models from the Pierre Hardy house, discover the minimalism of the SLIDER women's sneaker. Set on a new textured white rubber sole in mini cubes, this women's sneaker meets your expectations of style and satisfies your comfort requirements. Scramble the codes, stroll to the four corners of the world, put on exceptional shoes, comfortably seated in a Pierre Hardy women's sneaker.