The TREK COMET sneaker

The Trek Comet luxury sneaker from PIERRE HARDYThe Trek Comet luxury sneaker from PIERRE HARDY


Best seller of the PIERRE HARDY sneaker collections, the Trek Comet was launched in 2016. Its strong silhouette and sporty look make it unique.

Hybrid and ultra technical shoe, this iconic model is characterized by:

  • its graphic construction underlined by its leather inserts,
  • its upper in technical material which gives it fit and lightness,
  • its "COMET" sole in injected rubber with the energized and raised Cube Perspective pattern,
  • its elasticated leather back strap,
  • its tubular laces and large technical grain loops.

Perfect fit, comfort and flexibility are the strengths of the Trek Comet.

This luxury sneaker is available each season in new materials and tones. It is an object of infinite creativity for Pierre Hardy and his studio.



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Fabrication of the PIERRE HARDY luxury sneakersFabrication of the PIERRE HARDY luxury sneakers

Since their launch in 2006, the PIERRE HARDY sneakers have been manufactured in Portugal, in a family factory located in the Guimarães region.

This partner, a subcontractor of the finest brands of luxury sneakers, has received the HIGG certification. The HIGG index is given by the Substainable Apparel Coalition and measures the well-being of workers, local communities and respect for the environment.


The manufacture of high-end sneakers combines know-how and high technology, and calls on suppliers at the forefront of innovations. The materials and accessories chosen for the construction of PIERRE HARDY sneakers are sourced from the suppliers of the biggest luxury brands. The leathers are always of very high quality and come from renowned Italian tanneries.


The quality of the workmanship and the selection of raw materials allow our House to offer uniquely styled models every season, made to last.



Trek Comet luxury sneakers for men from PIERRE HARDYTrek Comet luxury sneakers for men from PIERRE HARDY



Trek Comet luxury sneakers for women from PIERRE HARDYTrek Comet luxury sneakers for women from PIERRE HARDY
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