Textures, appearance, palette of colours : the new Summer Collection preaches the shock of sleek collisions, both architectural and ergonomic. His taste for simple lines is expressed through the combination of materials and colours evoking as much automobile lines as Orphism, injected or moulded resins.


For Women, the heels are maximal or merely suggested within a creative arc ranging from hyper- bolic to deliberately monastic austerity, to images of ultra slim ankle straps associated with very present on-lays. The whimsical elegance of the 1960’s red carpet, the rock androgyny, the insolence of a western adventurer, and the macro soles of an explorer, upgrade this season’s lexicon.

The patent leather are mixed with matte, pow- der coloured suedes, faux disco lizard, and leopard prints. Candy chains, rings for the heel, and emoji patches add a graphic and fun sophistication to the lines. The sportswear and outdoor models are mixed and matched with different snea- ker styles, propelled into a universe were tradition merges with science fiction.



For men, the new models are ultra-light in the new TC Light version combining technical materials and suede. Graphically innovative such as the fluidity ultra tech of the Vision, but still comfortable like the Start with a rounded aspect and crowned with a double scratch. The classics of the repertoire are reinvented : the Vibe is mounted on a rubber and cork amber effect sole ; the Street Life advocates transparency. Havana, mocha, sand, cobalt blue and vermilion red, ink blacks and brilliant whites complete a chromatic range combining opposites in electrically charged compositions.

Les classiques du répertoire se réinventent : la Vibe est posée sur une semelle en caoutchouc et liège effet ambre et la Street Life prône le translucide.