The PIERRE HARDY luxury bag

Renowned designer of luxury bags, Pierre Hardy founded his own House in 1999 and has been creating luxury bags for men and women with a unique style since 2006.

His collections, designed in Paris and made in a Moroccan workshop specializing in luxury leather goods, are thus the result of a constant search for novelty and contemporary elegance.

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The fabrication of the PIERRE HARDY luxury bags

Since their launch in 2006, the PIERRE HARDY bag collections have all been made in Morocco and in limited series with a partner specialized in luxury leather goods located in Casablanca. A partner who also works for the most renowned brands of luxury bags.

In this workshop of around forty people with an artisanal process and traditional know-how, all the manufacturing steps are manual, which gives each PIERRE HARDY luxury bag a unique character.

The leathers of each of our luxury bags are those used for our shoes and mostly come from Italian tanneries. Our signature Cube Perspective canvas used for our small leather goods and tote bags is also imported from Italy. Lastly, our luxury bags are lined with nappa type leather locally sourced from our manufacturer's historical partners.

Our Quality teams work closely with the craftsmen every day, at each stage of the production of your luxury bag, in order to guarantee the high standards of the House. Our bags are thus the result of a demanding and sophisticated design process; the fabrication of a luxury bag, like its design, being an integral part of its identity, of its pedigree.